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This website's mission is to make available a sample of woodcraft,
and by doing so, create interest in the form of artistic expression
that is wood carving. This is what I do whenever I am not working on
"My Old House"

Mankind has communicated ideas and sentiments by engraving,
etching, drawing and carving symbols or figures on a multitude of
surfaces, such as wood. This great material is relatively easy to
shape to create virtually anything our imagination and skill will allow.   

Nowadays woodcarvers utilize an array of quality hand and power
tools that can assist in making it possible to speed up the carving
process. As such development has occurred, the craft has inevitably
evolved.  A great deal of attention has been dedicated to the
realistic "taxidermist" look of the subject composition, with complete
burning pen details and skillful painting of the original wood.

Softwoods tend to be light in color, therefore one may elect to paint
or burn to create depth and detail. Hardwoods, on the other hand,
have interesting grain patterns and shades that  beg to be displayed,
limiting the amount of realism one may wish to achieve for fear of  
hiding the beauty of the woodgrain.  

I prefer to use hardwoods for my bird carvings whenever possible.
The character of the grain and density of the wood, matched with the
transparency and warmth one can achieve, produces a classic
natural look that remind me of the beauty and mystery of nature. It
also justifies the use of wood as the substrate.

Now, when it comes to themes or carving interests, the spectrum of
choices is only limited by the woodcarvers' personal preference.  I
fear one's artistic integrity may be compromised by commercial
interest, "
carve what the public is willing to buy"  Carving is for me a
medium to communicate personal feelings that are interconnected
with my experiences with nature. The wood is a fundamental part of
that communication. Wildlife woodcarvers reproduce those aspects
of our natural world that trigger wonder and joy in each of us, and
therefore we celebrate it in our creations.

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